11. September 2017: Blockchain – more than just Bitcoin

Real-life examples in combatting fraud in ticketing and selling solar energy
Today, everyone is familiar with bitcoin, the introduction of which is seen as the advent of an innovative new currency for the digital world. However, an associated technology called Blockchain has been getting more attention lately. In the digital world and beyond, Blockchain has emerged as the technology to look for or invest in in 2017. Some media called it a “revolutionary technology platform” that creates trust and confidence, a “breakthrough innovation of unprecedented magnitude”.

But does everybody know what is really a blockchain?

It is sometimes defined as a secure, transparent and decentralised ledger which can be used not only to keep track of debits and credits for a currency system like bitcoin, but also to keep track of any data that might involve a transaction or record of ownership in some way. Banks and other financial institutions too have been active in investing (time and/or money) in this space, with billions invested in pilots and start-ups that are working with and developing this promising technology.

During this conference, we want to explore how Blockchain works, and then explain some of its use cases and the initiatives taken by various industries.

  • Vincent Larchet (Chief Technology Officer of SecuTix, a member of the ELCA Group and leading European SaaS ticketing platform) will explain how Blockchain technology can work in practice for the ticketing industry, and how it can play a role in tackling several issues: the black market, security, user trust and the lack of an industry protocol.
  • Nagib Aouini (Head of Cybersecurity at ELCA) will then explain how Blockchain can accelerate the creation of self-consumption energy communities in Switzerland by showcasing a proof-of-concept using Ethereum (a new platform that will not be discussed in-depth here) smart contracts to reduce administrative costs and increase transparency in Swiss self-consumption energy communities.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how blockchain technology works: crypto, protocol, platform, public/permissioned
  • Understand what is a smart-contract and to code a sample example using Ethereum
  • How we can use blockchain in a business case and when it can be used
  • See real-live example of blockchain capabilities


The Speakers

Vincent Larchet, Chief Technology Officer, SecuTix (Member of the ELCA Group)

Vincent Larchet is Chief Technology Officer at SecuTix, a SaaS ticketing engagement platform which helps organisations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after events.
As the head of the Innovations and Architecture division, Vincent decides which direction the company’s innovation will take and defines technology partnerships, focusing on creating a marketplace of third-party digital applications that build on the open nature of the SecuTix ticketing platform.
Vincent is also looking at several technology initiatives – one of which being Blockchain. Get the heads-up on Blockchain from one of the industry’s key players.


Nagib Aouini, Head of Cybersecurity Services, ELCA

Nagib Aouini holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Cryptography from the French university ENSIMAG.
He is in charge of the Cybersecurity Services division of ELCA Informatique SA and manages a group of cybersecurity experts. Nagib has more than 18 years of experience in the field of digital identity and smartcards, and has proven experience in the implementation of complex technical projects with high added value.
Previously, he held key positions in a number of large companies specialising in digital security, such as Gemalto, Thales Security and Accenture. Nagib has worked with governments on large-scale ID projects (e.g. the French Ministry of the Interior on the biometric e-passport project, the Kingdom of Morocco on the biometric identity card program, and the US Department of Defense [DoD] on the CAC access card program).
He now heads the development of a cloud security solution that will help companies to switch to the cloud while maintaining the greatest possible security.



Der Anlass findet am Montag, 11. September 2016 im Saal des Restaurants Schmiedstube in Bern statt. Start ist um 18.00h, Apéro ab ca. 19.15h. Der Vortrag ist auf Englisch.

Der Vortrag und das Apéro sind dank unseren Referenten, Sponsoren und Gönnern kostenlos!



Download Presentation: Guild42_ELCA_Blockchain