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Modern Web Development: Back to the Server!

Published: at 06:00 PM
Jonas Bandi

Back to the server!

The era of Angular, React and Vue as classic single page applications is over. The trend in modern web frameworks leads back to the server. React Server Components are currently the most prominent example of how modern web development is finding its way back to the server. React Server Components could be the next revolution in front-end development, and other frameworks will have to compete with them in the future.

This talk shows how React Server Components work, what problems they address and what new challenges they create when developing web applications. We also take a closer look at the full-stack ambitions of other modern frontend frameworks (Remix, Svelte, Solid, Astro, Blazor …) and show how they implement similar concepts. We will see that these can be considered a “prior art” for React Server Components.


Jonas Bandi is an enthusiastic developer, architect and trainer. He is particularly interested in bringing together modern web development and traditional enterprise applications. With a background in traditional Java and .NET development, he now works primarily with JavaScript, Angular & React. In recent years, Jonas has conducted dozens of in-house workshops for numerous companies in Switzerland.

Jonas is involved in a wide variety of projects: from aircraft control to industrial control platforms to business applications. He has also been teaching modern web development in CAS application development with JavaScript & HTML5 at the Bern University of Applied Sciences for several years.

Code & Slides

All the code examples presented in the slides are available in this GitHub repository.