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Continuous Deployment in an Enterprise Environment – Lessons Learned

Published: at 06:00 PM
Simon Räss

In the beginning there was the idea to practice Continuous Deployment with one application. However Continuous Deployment in an enterprise environment at scale? That can’t possibly work! Swisscom was also very skeptical at the beginning. But five years later, this type of software development has become the norm. Deployments to production several times a day are no longer unusual.

In this talk, Simon shows us how they have mastered this journey. Simon shares what has proven useful along the way and what has worked less well. The talk looks at how this has affected day-to-day work and to what extent the promises of Continuous Deployment (shorter lead time, lower change fail rate, faster time to restore, …) have been fulfilled.

Thus this talk is not about the theory of what Continuous Deployment is, but about the experiences his team and he had with it and how they mastered this transformation.


Simon Räss has been working as a software developer for over 20 years and has always been involved with architecture topics. In his current role, he is the product owner of a microservice-based software that is used intensively at Swisscom for the fulfillment of orders in a wide range of business areas. Along the way, he has gained a lot of experience how an enterprise environment ticks.