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Self Contained Systems and Micro Frontends in Practice

Published: at 06:00 PM
Michael Lehmann

Self Contained Systems

What starts as a simple web application can, after 20 years, end up in a huge, sluggish monolith that can hardly be maintained, let alone developed further. There are always customer projects in which we have to replace such old systems. A modern, flexible and future-oriented architecture is often a driving requirement in these cases.

With Self-Contained Systems we have an architecture with which we design large web applications and customer portals. This architecture ensures that the system remains manageable and maintainable thanks to individual, independent modules. I would like to give an overview of the self-contained systems architecture and share our experiences with you.


Michael Lehmann is a developer, architect, technical team leader and occasional speaker. He works for Zühlke Engineering AG as lead software architect with the aim of supporting customers and team colleagues in the design and development of applications. He specializes in developing distributed systems with micro-services architectures and modern web technologies.