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Why Python Is So Popular (Not Only in the Machine Learning Area)

Published: at 06:00 PM
Christian Heitzmann

Java and Python have been around since years among the top 3 most popular programming languages. Since the ongoing hype about machine learning, there is practically no way around Python, even for ordinary developers.

But why is the language actually so popular – even outside of machine learning? What characteristics makes it stand out? Does it make sense – and does it even work – to switch from Java to Python so easily?

As a long-time Java developer, the speaker is of course very familiar with the Java perspective, so that he can (hopefully) give as neutral an idea as possible of what differentiates Java from Python and where both languages have their strengths and weaknesses. I’m sorry, what? Weaknesses? – Yes, there are those too ;-)

In addition to technical and practice-relevant features, the talk examines the teachability and learnability of a (new) programming language.


Christian Heitzmann is a Java, Python and Spring certified software developer with a CAS in Machine Learning and owner of SimplexaCode AG in Lucerne. He has been developing software for over 20 years and has been teaching or lecturing in the areas of Java and Python programming, mathematics and algorithms for over 10 years. He regularly writes articles for IT specialist magazines.