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Zero Trust with HashiCorp's Armon Dadgar

Published: at 06:00 PM
Armon Dadgar

Zero trust security is predicated on securing everything based on trusted identities. Machine authentication and authorization, machine-to-machine access, human authentication and authorization, and human-to-machine access are the four foundational categories for identity-driven controls and zero trust security. The transition from traditional on-premises data centers and environments to dynamic, cloud infrastructure is complex and introduces new challenges for enterprise security.

This shift requires a different approach to security, a different trust model. One that trusts nothing and authenticates and authorizes everything. Because of the highly dynamic environment, organizations talk about a “zero trust” approach to cloud security. What does “zero trust” actually mean and what’s required for you to make it successful?

Attend this event and you’ll learn from Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp’s Co-Founder and CTO, how your organization can enable scalable, dynamic security across clouds. He will show you, how you can contribute with your day to day work to a Zero Trust within your organization.


Zero Trust with HashiCorp's Armon Dadgar

Armon Dadgar is one of the Co-founders and CTO of HashiCorp. He has a passion for security and distributed systems and applies those to the world of DevOps tooling and cloud infrastructure. As a former engineer, he has worked on the design and implementation of many of the core HashiCorp products. He has been named to the Forbes and Inc 30-under-30 lists for transforming enterprise technology. He studied computer science at the University of Washington, where he met his Co-founder Mitchell Hashimoto.